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    Our Frequently Asked Questions address questions regularly asked to give you more in-depth information about our system and how it works. If you have a question we’ve not covered please…

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    Winter weather considerations for outdoor lone workers

    If you are an employer with outdoor lone workers who operate in rural locations you will already understand the risks they face: working outdoors in isolated or hazardous locations and…

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    Perth & Kinross Council trust Trackplot

    Perth & Kinross Council trusts Trackplot’s lone worker protection system to monitor and safeguard the Council’s Structures & Flooding Team, comprising specialists charged with inspecting all the region’s bridges for…

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    Trackplot featured in Forestry Timber News

    Forestry & Timber News feature Trackplot and the launch of our series of 3 videos in their February 2021 edition to help raise awareness of the risks faced by outdoor…

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    Trackplot’s key takeaways from Security Matters lone worker webinar

    It is important to us that we keep you up to date with the latest information as it is released, to help you and your lone workers stay safe. We…

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    Lone worker guidance from Trackplot

    The impact of Covid-19 has been wide-reaching and the increasing number of lone workers due to both health & safety and cost saving measures has implications on you as an…

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    New video! Choosing the best Trackplot solution for your business

    Watch our new video which describes the Trackplot options available and how to choose the right one to suit your lone worker needs.

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    How to successfully implement Trackplot

    We have put together 5 recommendations to consider for you to successfully implement your lone worker solution within your workforce to ensure you protect not only your employees but yourself…

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    Trackplot launches video addressing employer risks and responsibilities regarding lone workers

    Looking at the need for a lone worker monitoring solution from a health and safety perspective, this video features a more in-depth view of employer risks and responsibilities.

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    Trackplot support new SPOT GEN4 model

    SPOT’s latest GPS device, the SPOT GEN4, which is the upgrade from the SPOT GEN3 has recently been launched on the market and is now part of the Trackplot World…

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    Trackplot launches a new introduction video

    Today marks the start of an exciting week at Trackplot as we launch the first of three Trackplot introduction videos. These videos will help you understand how Trackplot’s lone worker…

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    Top 5 reasons to choose Trackplot

    We know it can be difficult to understand the differences between the various lone worker solutions on the market and what they offer. To help your decision making here are…

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