Collaboration with H&S professionals

At Trackplot we are familiar with the diverse risks outdoor lone workers face each day and the complex safety issues and requirements Health & Safety professionals have to consider. We understand the increased risks for lone workers, the legislation and employer responsibilities. We work closely with Health & Safety professionals and consultants to deliver sensible and practical measures.

Increase in lone workers

During the last twelve months the COVID-19 pandemic has brought an increased focus on the importance of health and safety in the workplace. It has also brought about many changes in working practices for both employers and their workers including a rise in the number of lone workers and the number of hours spent lone working. Factors contributing to this are workers shielding, worker illness (both COVID-19 and other illnesses), and a reduction in the use of buddying systems or group work which do not comply with social distancing guidelines.

Trackplot's proven and reliable system has been protecting land based lone workers since 2009.

How Trackplot can help

We collaborate with Health & Safety professionals and consultants to supply protection for lone workers fit for your client’s or organisation’s needs. We advocate a pragmatic approach requiring sound policies supported by practical measures, starting with a review of the lone workers’ risk assessments, which will help to scope a fit for purpose solution.

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World Safety Day on 28 April 2021 raised global issues and the importance of investing in health and safety at work. 

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