Collaboration with H&S professionals

Trackplot works closely with Health & Safety professionals and consultants to deliver sensible and practical measures for each client's needs.

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At Trackplot we are familiar with the diverse risks outdoor lone workers face each day and the complex safety issues and requirements Health & Safety professionals have to consider. We understand the increased risks for lone workers, the legislation and employer responsibilities. We work closely with Health & Safety professionals and consultants to deliver sensible and practical measures.

As a consultant, it is relatively easy to highlight the need for a client to manage lone working, but to really make it work requires a clear understanding of the client’s business and the elements that are unique to the organisation if the risks are to be suitably controlled.The team at Trackplot work as part of the team rather than just as a supplier to ensure they clearly understand the bespoke nature of our client’s business. This has enabled our client to feel comfortable with the system, how it works and the benefits of using it.

Kevin Clarke

Director, The Culham Consultancy

We advocate a pragmatic approach requiring a sound Lone Working Policy supported by practical procedures and measures, starting with a review of the lone workers’ risk assessments, which will help to scope a fit for purpose solution. This includes considering vulnerable workers, the locations of lone workers, the strength of mobile phone coverage in these locations, and what would happen in an SOS emergency situation.

Developing partnerships

  • Established 2009.

  • Specialises in protecting lone workers against environmental risks and high risk tasks.

  • Understands the risks of working in remote or hostile environments.

  • Enables Health & Safety Regulation compliance.

  • Experienced working with all size of organisations – small and large.

  • Collaborates with external and in-house Health & Safety professionals.

  • Knowledgeable of Lone Worker Policy and Procedures development.

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