Do you have an SOS plan?

No one wants to think about the worst but as an employer you have to. Having a plan in place to efficiently handle a life threatening emergency could save a life.

October 9, 2023
Image showing the letters SOS to indicate an emergency.

Having an SOS plan ready is particularly important if you have lone workers working on remote sites.

Such locations can present multiple challenges including poor communications, difficult access, hazardous terrain, poor weather conditions and high risks tasks.

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Your SOS Escalation Procedure

The ability to respond swiftly and appropriately is critical. In addition, if a lone worker has an accident whilst working in a rural, isolated area the seriousness of the situation is increased due to the lack of immediate help. The outcome is more likely to be severe too.

You need to consider:

  • How your lone workers will communicate they are in distress and need urgent help. Will they have reliable mobile phone signal or do they need other ways to communicate?
  • Who will be involved in the SOS escalation to liaise with the emergency services.
  • How to gather information to determine the severity of the situation.

Trackplot World SOS Emergency

SOS is a vital function of our Trackplot World package. The SOS button on the GPS Device is for life threatening, emergency situations and it does NOT need mobile phone reception to work.

The SOS alert triggers our Alarm Receiving Centre to respond immediately. The lone worker’s location is determined to activate the most appropriate emergency service, which could be mountain rescue, coast guard, police or ambulance. At the same time the alert is received by your nominated Emergency Contacts and into your Trackplot Portal so you can assist the Alarm Receiving Centre as required during the rescue mission.

SOS case study

A Trackplot customer relied on Trackplot’s SOS emergency response on discovery of a fatality in an isolated, difficult to reach location.

Read the SOS case study.

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