Improve safety across forestry, estates, agriculture and fisheries

Land is one of our greatest assets in the UK. Nearly 490,000 people work in the agriculture, forestry and fishing sector and many are lone workers. Typically working in rural locations without mobile phone coverage, risks include operating heavy or dangerous machinery, moving vehicles, chemicals, working at height or near pits and silos, and livestock.

Trackplot supports all sectors involved in land use

We need our land to prosper and flourish however it is a finite resource. How it is used and managed sustainably affects everyone’s prosperity and quality of life. The productive capacity of our land underpins the whole economy through its provision of food, timber and other goods, and through its use for housing, business, transport, energy, recreation and tourism.

Nearly 490,000 people work in the agriculture, forestry and fishing sector and the lone workers we support range from timber harvesters, chartered foresters, gamekeepers and  estate managers to land management agents.

Trackplot, established to protect agricultural lone workers, has experience supporting all land use sectors

Trackplot was founded in 2009 to protect agricultural lone workers and today supports all sectors involved in land use and management. We are proud to support the land management industries and with our pedigree you know you are in safe hands.


HSE’s report (Health and Safety Executive) “Workplace fatal injuries in Great Britain, 2020” highlighted that across Agriculture, forestry and fishing the sector accounts for around 20% of all worker deaths. Most fatal injuries in this sector are for self-employed workers (65%), which is higher than any other industry. HSE’s “Health and safety at work 2020” report also shows the sector had statistically significantly higher injury rates than for all industries.

People have a right to return home from work safe and sound. Risks to workers in this sector include operating heavy machinery, moving vehicles, chemicals, aerial tree work, chainsaw operation, working at height or near pits and silos, livestock. Typically working in remote locations, often rough terrain and in all weathers, these lone workers are exposed to environmental threats, noise and dust daily.

How Trackplot can help

Due to the high risks associated with this sector and the remote locations these workers operate in Trackplot World is the predominant option. Satellite based, this lone worker safety system is reliable and works in all remote areas across the UK.

“Working with Trackplot, we have been able to set the system up to meet our needs and those of our workers. The system has brought us greater security when working alone in remote places.”

Chris Pike

Head of Safety & Assurance, Tilhill Forestry

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