Supporting diverse land requires a high level of attention to detail and a deep understanding of a variety of topics.

From Farm and Sporting Management to Planning Consultancy and Renewables advice, you are required to manage many workers across a plethora of different projects.

Managing so many workers, across many different estates is a difficult task, and compliance with the law is vital. UK law requires employers to protect all their employees, contractors and self-employed workers, with those working without close or direct supervision requiring special attention. You need a solution you can use in-house and recommend to your clients. You need Trackplot.

With experience working for estate managers, land consultants and chartered foresters, we understand the issues you and your clients face. As a genuine and complete lone worker monitoring system, Trackplot can be used to locate, schedule and monitor the progress of tasks across you and your client’s lone worker teams. Our technology can be tailored to employee’s hours, and tasks can be grouped to reflect your company structure.

 If you’d like to find out more about how Trackplot can help your business contact or call 0131 513 9571