How Trackplot works

Trackplot's complete lone worker monitoring service is centred around the Trackplot Portal, our interactive online platform, where you monitor your lone workers in real-time. The Portal uses Ordnance Survey mapping, overlays environmental data and integrates with satellite communication technology, the latest lone worker GPS devices, the mobile phone network and the Trackplot Mobile App.

More about the Trackplot Portal

The Trackplot Portal is the control and command centre at the heart of the Trackplot lone worker monitoring solution. In the Portal you monitor the location, activity and safety of your workforce around the clock; set up processes and escalation procedures; and reporting. Our lone worker software has a series of Event Messages and Notifications embedded so that the status of your lone workers can be monitored at any time. We have applied over 50 years experience in GPS technology, mapping and software development to design this platform.

Preferred lone worker safety system for outdoor lone workers

How you use the system

Your lone workers will have pre-agreed ‘Check- in’ times and will use one of the many methods, including GPS device or Trackplot Mobile App, to Check-in at regular intervals throughout the day to confirm they are safe. Once Checked-in, each lone worker is constantly monitored until they Check-out at the end of their working day.

Our system is designed to remind a lone worker if they miss a Check-in time and to alert their Notification Contacts if they fail to respond. This triggers your organisation’s escalation procedure to ensure the overdue lone worker is located quickly.

What if a lone worker is unconscious?

If a lone worker is unconscious or incapacitated and is unable to Check-in they will become Overdue. Overdue Notifications embedded into the Trackplot system provide an automatic alert to the lone worker’s Notification Contacts to advise there may be a problem which needs to be investigated.

The Overdue Notification is received with a GPS position to narrow down the search area and locate the lone worker as quickly as possible.

Environmental mapping

New functionality in 2023!

The Trackplot Portal is integrated with a comprehensive series of real-time environmental maps including Rain forecast, Temperature forecast, Wind forecast, Fire Weather Index and Active fires to help you assess the current and forthcoming weather conditions you or your lone workers may find themselves in.

Image of Temperature Forecast overlay in Trackplot Portal

Temperature Forecast overlay in Trackplot Portal

Many of the lone workers using the Trackplot system work outdoors, often in remote areas, and are exposed to extreme weather conditions and environmental hazards. These environmental maps overlay the Ordnance Survey mapping in the Trackplot Portal so you can determine the risks to lone workers of oncoming weather. Especially useful to assess lone worker vulnerability if there is an Overdue, Assistance Required or SOS incident.

You can also use the maps to plan and schedule work according to your location and the local conditions.

Key benefits

  • Fit for purpose system

    Designed specifically for outdoor lone workers.

  • Complete system

    Everything that your organisation needs to keep your lone workers safe.

  • Real-time lone worker monitoring

    The Trackplot Portal is the online interactive platform at the heart of the system.

  • A notification system

    Flexible monitoring and notification periods to suit your company’s working pattern. It provides managers and contacts with automatic alerts if a lone worker becomes overdue or requires assistance.

  • Ordnance Survey mapping

    To accurately capture the location of each lone worker, which is especially important if help is needed quickly.

  • Environmental mapping

    To review the risks to lone workers of oncoming weather; to evaluate vulnerability in Overdue, Assistance Required or SOS situations, and to plan and schedule work.

  • Efficiencies

    Locate, schedule and monitor progress of tasks across your lone worker team, bringing cost, operational and management efficiencies to your business.

  • Multiple ways to keep in touch

    Including GPS lone worker device, landline, text message, computer, laptop or tablet using the Trackplot Portal or Mobile App (Android, iPhone).

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