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Ensure your outdoor lone workers return home safely each day

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Trackplot specialises in protecting lone workers against environmental risks and high risk tasks in hazardous or remote locations.

This video explains Trackplot's mission to protect outdoor lone workers and gives an overview of how the system works.

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Do your employees work alone in rural, isolated or hazardous locations?

Trackplot is a lone worker monitoring system designed for people who work alone outdoors. Exposed to environmental hazards, rough terrain and all weather conditions, with Trackplot your outdoor lone workers can keep in touch wherever they are. Our purpose is to bring peace of mind, ensuring your lone workers come home safe and well each day.

We offer a complete solution. This means our products include everything that your organisation needs to keep your lone workers safe. We have 2 options, Trackplot World and Trackplot Mobile, and both packages are integrated with the Trackplot Portal, our interactive online platform which is accessible 24/7. The Trackplot Portal includes a series of new real-time environmental maps so you can assess current and forthcoming weather conditions to schedule and manage work and to inform rescue missions.

Trackplot World uses satellite communication technology and does not need mobile phone reception to work, lone workers communicate using a GPS Device.

Trackplot Mobile uses the mobile phone network to work and lone workers communicate using the Trackplot Mobile App.

Whatever your lone working needs are, we’re here for you, every step of the way.

Five reasons to choose Trackplot

  1. Trusted

    Every lone worker faces different risks and we put lone workers first. With over a decade of experience we are experts in outdoor lone worker safety. We are trusted by outdoor lone workers and support many sectors.

  2. Reliable

    Multiple ways to get in touch, automatic alerts if a lone worker is unconscious or incapacitated, Ordnance Survey and environmental mapping mean a lone worker can be located quickly if they become overdue, require assistance or raise an SOS alarm.

  3. Compliance

    We help you comply with Health & Safety laws. We use your risk assessments to identify different lone working patterns and risks to recommend the best solution for you and to inform your Lone Working Policy and Procedures.

  4. Secure

    Manage and monitor your lone workers night and day in real-time through the Trackplot Portal. Robust security and following data protection best practice, we are Cyber Essentials Plus certified, meaning you can be confident that your data is secure.

  5. Here for you

    We strive to deliver truly outstanding customer service every day because lives depend on it. We act with integrity, work ethically and put you first. Training and full technical and administrative support is on hand to ensure that you get the most out of your Trackplot solution.

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