What is Trackplot Mobile?

Trackplot Mobile is a simple and convenient way for lone workers to keep in touch using their mobile phone. This option uses the mobile phone network. If your lone workers have access to strong, reliable mobile phone reception in the locations where they work then they can use Trackplot Mobile.

Photograph of Trackplot Mobile App being used on a smartphone by a lone worker.

How do I use Trackplot Mobile?

Trackplot Mobile is available for both smartphone and basic mobile phone users.

Trackplot Mobile users have the same full Trackplot Portal experience as Trackplot World users.

Each time a lone worker uses any of the Trackplot Mobile features, such as Check-in, Check-out or Assistance Required, their message is sent to the Trackplot Portal. Each message is time stamped and includes their GPS location or postcode to aid any emergency response and enable incident auditing.

Easily accessible, Trackplot Mobile can be used wherever you have mobile phone coverage.

For smartphone users – Trackplot Mobile App

The Trackplot Mobile App is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

Packed with high-tech features, the Trackplot Mobile App quickly transforms your smartphone into an effective lone worker safety device.

For basic mobile phone users

Trackplot Mobile can be used on a basic mobile phone using SMS messaging. A range of short SMS commands allow the lone worker to communicate with the Trackplot Portal without the Trackplot Mobile App.

Trackplot Mobile enables your lone workers to easily keep in touch whilst they work.

Key Features of Trackplot Mobile

  • Convenience

    Quick and easy communication from a single device.

  • Low cost

    No investment in hardware needed.

  • Check-in

    Lone worker clocks on at the start of their work period.

  • Proof of Life

    Regular Welfare checks for lone workers to confirm they are safe.

  • Check-out

    Lone worker clocks off to stop monitoring when lone working activities end.

  • Reminders

    Reminds a lone worker to “Check-in” to confirm they are OK.

  • Assist feature

    To request help in a non-emergency situation such as a broken down vehicle or a minor injury.

  • Automatic alerts

    Issued to Notification Contacts to highlight there may be a problem for example if a lone worker fails to Check-in or requests Assistance.

  • Accurate location monitoring

    Each message sent by the lone worker is received with an accurate GPS position / postcode to aid any emergency response.

What is the Trackplot Portal?

The Trackplot Portal is the monitoring platform, accessible 24/7, where you monitor the location, activity and safety of your workforce.

Met Office Weather Warnings and Environmental mapping

The Trackplot Portal includes our Weather Warning and Environmental Maps services which you can use to:

  • Determine the risks of oncoming weather to your lone workers.
  • Assess the vulnerability of a lone worker in an emergency situation.
  • Plan and schedule work by location referencing the local conditions.
Image of Temperature Forecast overlay in Trackplot Portal.

Temperature Forecast overlay in Trackplot Portal.

Lone Working Policy and Procedures development

To help you create a safe working environment Trackplot provides guidance on your Lone Working Policy, Procedures and your Escalation Procedures. This enables your lone workers and managers to use your Trackplot system effectively.

My mobile phone signal is poor and unreliable

If your lone workers have poor, no or unreliable mobile phone signal you need Trackplot World. This option uses GPS and communication satellite networks.

For convenience the Trackplot Mobile App is included as part of the Trackplot World package for use when mobile phone coverage is available.

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