Trackplot protects lone workers

Trackplot is a complete lone worker monitoring system that protects staff working in forestry, estate management and outdoor recreation. Since 2009, Trackplot Ltd has been addressing the increasing demand to protect lone workers. Currently, rates of fatal and major injuries in commercial forestry are the highest of the industries that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulates, illustrating there is a real need for our system.

Our sole purpose is to help keep lone workers safe and, over the past ten years, we have helped companies implement our solution and establish robust lone worker procedures to give both employers and staff peace of mind.

The Law

Our technology helps employers comply with the law. The Health and Safety Executive stipulates that employers must assess the health and safety risks associated with any activity before the work begins and give special consideration to lone and remote workers. Failure to comply with the law can put employers at risk of £1m+ fines, custodial sentences and, in extreme circumstances, staff fatalities.

To comply with the law, employers need a robust monitoring system to ensure lone workers’ safety. Trackplot’s technology is used by major players across the estate management and forestry industry. Our knowledgeable staff, who have over 50 years experiences in GP technology and mapping, will help you establish a robust lone worker management procedure and help you integrate our technology into your company.

Catering to you

Customer service is central to what makes Trackplot unique. We strive to deliver truly outstanding customer service every day because lives depend on it. Our team act with integrity, work ethically and put you first. We equip you with a full technical and administrative support and strive to ensure you gain the most from your Trackplot Portal.

We offer many varied ways for workers to let people know they are safe. From a satellite GPS device to landline or text message, to the Trackplot Portal and mobile app, we work with you. Our solution can also be catered to your staff’s working patterns, from only providing notifications during working hours to pausing the service during staff holidays, we will work to ensure the service works for you.

Our team

Our UK based company provides full support and training to all customers. Read more about our experienced team here.