Stay safe in the transport and logistics sector

Haulage, logistics, repair and maintenance accounts for 829,000 workers across the UK. Working out of normal “office” hours is typical in this sector. Accidents by moving lorries are the main cause of injury. Falls, insecure loads, handling of heavy goods, icy and poor weather conditions are typical risks in this sector.

Photograph of empty timber haulage truck on road travelling to site.


Around 10% of all fatal injuries to workers occur in the transportation and storage sector, the rate of fatal injury is around twice the average rate across all industries. Accidents by moving lorries are the main cause of injury in this sector, and included drivers being crushed whilst coupling trailers to trucks, being hit by other vehicles (particularly fork trucks) while out of their cabs, and people being crushed by reversing vehicles. Falls from vehicles, insecure loads, icy conditions and poor weather are further risks in this sector.

Working out of hours is typical in this sector. The safety aspects around pickups, deliveries, repair and maintenance in remote locations should be considered, and the handling of heavy goods.

There will always be risks associated with driving. Although these cannot be completely controlled, an employer has a responsibility to do everything reasonably practicable to protect people from harm in the same way as they would in the workplace.

Trackplot works with haulage organisations so their lone workers in remote locations can keep in touch.

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Read HSE’s advice for the Logistics sector.

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