Keeping local authorities HSE compliant

Local authorities typically work with a broad variety of lone workers who are facing very different risks and environments. Staff working with the public can face sensitive situations, while others can be working isolated or hostile environments.

Managing so many workers, across many different estates is a difficult task, and compliance with the law is vital. UK law requires employers to protect all their employees, contractors and self-employed workers, with those working without close or direct supervision requiring special attention.

To ensure all your lone workers are working safely, you need Trackplot. Our complete lone worker solution can be used to locate and monitor staff, no matter where they are. Our system can be tailored to reflect your staff’s hours, and through our Trackplot Portal, you can group lone workers based on the task. These management benefits, combined with the core Trackplot benefit of ensuring the safety of your lone workers, make Trackplot the market leader in lone worker management.

To find out more about our experience with local authorities, read our case study here


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