Our system

Trackplot is the remote lone worker solution of choice, enabling people who work alone to keep in touch wherever they are. Trackplot’s lone worker solution uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to find each lone worker’s location and integrate this with a range of devices to transmit messages via communication satellites. A notification system then requires the worker to check-in at pre-approved times with their line manager. If a worker fails to check-in, an alarm is raised with the agreed line manager who then follows the company’s internal incident procedure. In case of emergency, the workers can also raise an SOS alarm on their own device.

Do I have lone workers?

A lone worker is someone who works by themselves without a colleague. Lone workers can be found in a wide range of sectors and face many different challenges in the field. It is estimated that 22% of the 31.2m UK working population are lone workers.

Lone workers can be working in fixed establishments, such as working from home, in kiosks or shops, and typically work outside regular hours. They can also be mobile workers who work away from a fixed base, such as forestry workers, land managers and construction workers. You can find more examples of lone worker roles here.

No matter where your lone workers operate, our technology can give them and their manager’s assurance that, should they need help, they will be able to raise the alarm.

The law

The Health and Safety Executive stipulates that employers must assess the health and safety risks associated with any activity before the work begins and give special consideration to lone and remote workers. Failure to comply with the law can put employers at risk of £1m+ fines, custodial sentences and, in extreme circumstances, result in staff fatalities.

You need to comply with your legal duties towards any lone workers you have under:

Trackplot’s lone worker monitoring solution helps employers comply with the law, avoid prosecution and ensure the safety of their staff.

In the field

From estate management to forestry, our technology is used in a variety of situations to support teams across the country. As well as protecting lone workers, our system helps managers create a robust lone worker system and cater notification cycles to the needs of the business.

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