Who we are

Our management team boasts a wide portfolio of experience spanning GPS technology, mapping, software development, sales and marketing. This expertise enabled the development of the Trackplot system and the growth of the company. We listen to customers and apply our knowledge for the continual enhancement and advancement of our solution.

Gert Riemersma

Gert Riemersma

Technical Director

Trackplot’s founder, Gert worked remotely offshore in the oil and gas sector for many years and it is from this experience that he understands the risks of working in hostile environments. An expert in satellite and GPS technology, mapping, software development and business processes, Gert’s remit is to continue to develop and improve the technical performance of the Trackplot solution.

Emma Thomas

Emma Thomas

Commercial Director

An experienced marketing and sales specialist, Emma’s remit is to develop the team and build the business with a focus on sales, marketing, customer service and talent management.

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