Assessing the Trackplot lone worker monitoring system

Here's our summary of the Trackplot system so you can easily establish if we are suitable for your lone worker safety needs:

Assessment criteria

  • Is the system designed for commercial use?

    YES, the Trackplot system is designed for commercial use.

  • What type of lone workers does the system cover?

    We are specialists in the outdoor market where lone workers are exposed to environmental risks, particularly those working in isolated, rural or hazardous locations or high risk tasks.

  • Will the system help me comply with the law?

    YES, Trackplot has been designed so you can deliver a duty of care complying with the health and safety regulations.

  • Will the system help me manage risks?

    YES, the outcomes of your risk assessments will inform the configuration of your Trackplot system and will be supported by your Lone Working Policy and Procedures to keep your lone workers safe.

    The Weather Warning and Environmental Maps services integrated in the Trackplot Portal will help you to determine the risks of current and oncoming weather; assess lone worker vulnerability in an emergency situation; and schedule work according to your location and the local conditions.

  • Where does the system work?

    The Trackplot system can work anywhere. The Trackplot World option uses GPS and satellite-based technology and does NOT use the mobile phone network; the Trackplot Mobile option can be used when your lone workers have reliable mobile phone coverage.

  • How do I interact with the lone worker monitoring system?

    The Trackplot Portal is the control and command centre at the heart of our solution.

    In this online interactive platform you monitor the location, activity and safety of your workforce in real time throughout the day; set up User Profiles, Notifications and access reporting.

    The Trackplot Portal is web-based and integrates with the latest GPS devices, Trackplot Mobile App, Ordnance Survey mapping, weather and environmental data, and satellite communication technology.

  • How flexible is the system?

    You self-manage your lone workers and during Onboarding we discuss the best system set up to suit how you operate.

    Your lone workers will have pre-agreed “Check-in” times and will use one of the many methods to Check-in at regular intervals to confirm they are safe. They will “Check-out” at the end of their working day to confirm they have finished lone working. This “Proof of Life” provides invaluable reassurance to employers and colleagues that a lone worker is safe.

    You can have as many Check-in times as the business needs and these can be around the 24 hour clock. Check-in times can be reviewed and changed as your business evolves.

    You can set up Groups which can be work activity, department or location related. Groups are useful if you have a large number of lone workers to make lone worker monitoring more manageable and enables you to allocate different line reporting.

  • How do Notifications work?

    The Trackplot system includes automatic Notifications which are triggered if a lone worker is Overdue, requires Assistance or needs SOS emergency help. These Notifications alert their Notification Contacts to start your company’s Escalation Procedures.

  • How secure is the system?

    Each user on the Trackplot Portal has their own unique secure login with permission levels set to ensure GDPR and data privacy are adhered to. Administrators have Two Factor Authentication functionality for secure access.

    Trackplot is Cyber Essentials Plus accredited which means we have been independently verified and adhere to best practices in IT security.

  • What specific functionality does the system offer?

    The Trackplot system provides SOS, Check-in, Check-out, Assistance Required, Overdue, Tracking, 1 Hour High Risk, Onsite and Leave site, Cancel Assist and Cancel SOS.

    Using a GPS Device the lone worker has access to SOS, Check-in, Check-out, Assistance Required, Overdue, Tracking, Cancel Assist and Cancel SOS. Tracking is useful if a lone worker is travelling distances between Check-in times as it captures their location every 10 minutes.

    Using the Mobile App lone workers can use Check-in, Check-out, Assistance Required, Overdue plus 1 Hour High Risk Activity, Onsite and Leave site.

    Functionality in the Trackplot Portal includes a Usage Report to ensure your lone workers are engaged and fully utilising the system, Ordnance Survey mapping, weather and environmental data, and ‘Out of office’ so you can easily manage daily operations.

  • What happens in the case of an accident or emergency?

    Trackplot enables escalation and the appropriate level of response to be activated depending upon the incident:


    This is used is non-medical emergencies such as a vehicle breakdown. The lone worker can request assistance and your company’s Escalation Procedures will begin.

    SOS (GPS Device only):

    This is used in medical emergencies only. The SOS raises an alert with an Alarm Receiving Centre and will result in the appropriate emergency service being deployed depending on the location of the lone worker and their activity.

    What if the lone worker is unconscious?

    The Trackplot Portal has an automatic Overdue Notification which, in the event that the lone worker is incapacitated, allows the alarm to be raised and your company’s Escalation Procedures will begin.

  • Training and customer support

    For any lone worker monitoring solution to work properly it is essential that staff understand the purpose of the system i.e. it’s to keep them safe, and how to use it.

    Our training ensures users are confident in using the system and the various devices. We know from experience that good training improves engagement. Our dedicated customer support means we are responsive and accountable to you.

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