Keeping environmental, science and conservation lone workers safe

The environment in which we all work and live our lives provides the bedrock of the country. This sector employs over 1 million people with many lone workers working across a variety of locations and landscapes. Risks include difficult terrain prone to slips, trips and falls; moving vehicles and machinery; manual handling of plants and equipment; and working at height.

Photograph of lone working female biologist working by a river.

“Through this experience our staff and management are reassured that, if needed, the Trackplot system alerts the emergency services who can respond extremely quickly and exactly where required.”

Ross Smith

Director at McGowan Ltd

Vital sector with many lone workers

Better use of the land across the UK is needed for climate change mitigation and for supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy, as well as managing the impacts of changing climatic conditions. Workers in the environmental and scientific research sectors play a critical role in providing services to enable this, providing services that are vital for the physical well-being of the population, such as clean air, water and healthy soils. This is a large sector employing over 1 million people and within that the scientific research sector employs over 151,000 people across the UK.


Many people in the environmental and science sectors work in the open across a variety of locations and landscapes. Risks include working on steep, uneven ground prone to slips, trips and falls; working with moving vehicles and machinery; cuts and lacerations due to manual handling of plants and equipment; working from ladders, ropes and harnesses.

Trackplot's proven and reliable system has been protecting land based lone workers since 2009.

How Trackplot can help

Exposure to a wide variety of risks and operating in lonely and risky localities, these lone workers are best suited to our Trackplot World option. Using the satellite network, this lone worker protection system does not need mobile phone reception to work, and can be used in all remote areas across the UK.

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