• Photograph of a wildfire producing lots of smoke on Y Fron in Wales with a firefighter working to control the fire.


    The impact and danger of wildfires

    This article explains what a wildfire is, the status of wildfires globally and in the UK, the impact of wildfires and how Trackplot’s Fire Weather Index and Active Fires data…

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    How to successfully implement Trackplot

    5 recommendations from Trackplot to successfully implement your lone worker solution across your organisation – to ensure you protect both your lone workers and senior management.

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    Top 5 reasons to choose Trackplot

    We know it can be difficult to understand the differences between the various lone worker solutions on the market and what they offer. To help your decision making here are…

  • Image displaying title of article "Health and Safety Leadership"


    Why you need to drive health and safety from the top

    As with any business priority health and safety needs to be driven from the top. Senior management led safety cultures have more impact across the organisation as a whole and…

  • Photo of a lone working female veterinary surgeon inspecting a cow in a field.


    Overcoming objections to a lone worker monitoring system

    Trackplot has been working with organisations large and small since 2009 to keep their lone workers safe. We have collaborated with many customers to overcome objections and fears to help…

  • Image showing the letters SOS to indicate an emergency.


    Do you have an SOS plan?

    No one wants to think about the worst but as an employer you have to. Having a plan in place to efficiently handle a life threatening emergency could save a…

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    Who is liable to protect lone workers?

    The answer is both employers and the lone workers themselves. In this article we look at who has responsibility for health and safety, who is liable if risks are not…

  • Photograph of a lone working senior construction site manager visually inspecting a building project.


    Do you have a Lone Working Policy?

    As an employer you have responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of all your workers. This means making sure they are protected from anything that may cause harm and…

  • Venn diagram of 3 components Technology, Procedures and Support and how Trackplot intersects the three.


    Why procedures, training and support are essential

    Adopting a new system into your business is a team effort involving both your team as the customer, and our team as your supplier. This article explains how we work…

  • Image of lone working forester inspecting tree.


    Lone working examples

    This article gives examples of the types of lone workers to be found in industry to help you identify lone workers in your organisation.

  • Image of lone working site inspector.


    Our top 3 precautionary measures to mitigate risks for your lone workers

    Here are our top 3 precautionary measures you can take within your organisation to ensure that your lone workers return home safe and well each day.

  • Photograph of rope access technician suspended at height working fixing the tip of a wind turbine blade.


    The top 4 risks of lone working

    As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic you are probably faced with managing more lone workers than ever before and more than likely this is a permanent change in your…

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