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    Winter weather considerations for outdoor lone workers

    If you are an employer with outdoor lone workers who operate in rural locations you will already understand the risks they face: working outdoors in isolated or hazardous locations and…

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    Lone worker guidance from Trackplot

    The impact of Covid-19 has been wide-reaching and the increasing number of lone workers due to both health & safety and cost saving measures has implications on you as an…

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    How to successfully implement Trackplot

    We have put together 5 recommendations to consider for you to successfully implement your lone worker solution within your workforce to ensure you protect not only your employees but yourself…

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    Top 5 reasons to choose Trackplot

    We know it can be difficult to understand the differences between the various lone worker solutions on the market and what they offer. To help your decision making here are…

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    What lone workers need to know

    Lone workers need health and safety measures in place which are specific to working alone to ensure they keep safe each day. In this article we explore the reasons behind…

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    Who is liable to protect lone workers?

    It is recommended that robust site and worker specific risk assessments are conducted before workers begin working. In this article we look at who is liable if risks are not…

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