How much does it cost for lone worker protection

This guide explains how costs for lone worker protection depends on the technology and functionality you need and the number of lone workers you have.

July 7, 2023
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To assess a cost for lone worker protection properly you need to understand what is included and what you may need to pay extra for.


All lone worker monitoring systems use technology and consist of three parts:

  1. A device carried by the lone worker to keep in touch, which is either a mobile app, a GSM device or a GPS device AND
  2. The mobile phone network or a communication satellite network AND
  3. Either an online platform if the system is self-managed or an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) if the system is managed by a call centre on your behalf.


GSM = The Global System for Mobile Communications is a standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute to describe the protocols for second-generation digital cellular networks used by mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

GPS = The Global Positioning System is a satellite-based navigation system consisting of a large constellation of satellites, many of which are visible to the user at any one time. The system provides location and time information in all weather conditions where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites. The system provides critical capabilities to military, civil and commercial users around the world. It is maintained by the United States government and is freely accessible to anyone with a GPS receiver.


The functionality you need depends on the locations in which your lone workers operate; their access to communications i.e. do they have reliable mobile phone reception or not; the work they do and the types of risk they are exposed to which typically are either:

  1. People-based risks such as aggression from members of the public or
  2. Environmental based risks such slips, trips and falls whilst working in hazardous or remote locations.

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Number of lone workers

Most providers operate on a volume pricing basis – the more lone workers you have the cheaper the unit price. Be clear how many lone workers you have to ensure you receive a suitable quote.

What’s the cost?

As a rule of thumb:

Table displaying the different types of lone worker monitoring systems and the level of cost.

Tip 1: Remember, costs are usually more in the first year as you need to invest in training, set up and devices if you are not solely using a Mobile App. So to understand the lifetime cost of a lone worker monitoring system ask about Year 2 costs too.

Tip 2: Ask about contract length, typically it is 12 months but it can vary.

Tip 3: Ask which functionality, if any, carries extra costs. Are High Risk or Out of Hours monitoring extra for example?

Tip 4: Are all Notifications included or are these charged on top as used.

What’s the cost of not implementing a lone worker monitoring system

  • Worry: not knowing if your lone workers are safe.
  • Injury or death of a lone worker: 135 workers were killed in work-related incidents in Great Britain in the last year.
  • Fines for your company.
  • Custodial sentences for the dutyholders in your company.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulates health and safety in the UK.

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What’s included in the Trackplot cost?

Trackplot can offer a complete lone worker monitoring solution including all your training and guidance on your procedures. Once we’ve discussed your particular business needs we can provide an all inclusive quote covering:

  • Lone worker devices

    Mobile App and / or GPS Device and 12 month warranty.

  • Trackplot Portal

    Online, interactive platform available 24/7 to manage your lone workers.

  • All functionality

    Including Check-in, Check-out, Assistance Required, SOS, Tracking, High Risk Activity Monitoring, Onsite and Leave Site, Overdue.

  • All Reminders and Notifications

    Sent via SMS and email to your lone workers and their Notification Contacts.

  • Weather Warnings and Environmental Maps

    The Trackplot system includes detailed Ordnance Survey mapping, Met Office Weather Warnings and Environmental Maps data so you can plan work ahead to keep your lone workers safe, assess the terrain and the weather conditions in an emergency.

  • Guidance on your lone working procedures and your escalation procedures

    Your lone working and escalation procedures are vital so you know exactly what to do if a lone worker goes missing or is hurt. We provide comprehensive guidance and training for your escalation team.

  • Training

    For Lone Workers, Administrators and Notification Contacts. We know from experience that early user engagement and adoption is vital to achieve high usage of any new system.

  • Access to customer support

    Customer and technical support from our dedicated, skilled support team is on hand to handle all your queries, however simple or complex.

  • Monthly usage reports

    To assess usage and frequency for compliance reporting and to identify training needs.

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