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    Who is liable to protect lone workers?

    The answer is both employers and the lone workers themselves. In this article we look at who has responsibility for health and safety, who is liable if risks are not…

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    Do you have a Lone Working Policy?

    As an employer you have responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of all your workers. This means making sure they are protected from anything that may cause harm and…

  • Venn diagram of 3 components Technology, Procedures and Support and how Trackplot intersects the three.


    Why procedures, training and support are essential

    Adopting a new system into your business is a team effort involving both your team as the customer, and our team as your supplier. This article explains how we work…

  • Image of forestry surveyor lone working in forest.


    Lone worker monitoring options on the market

    This guide helps you to assess the different lone worker monitoring options available on the market. This is influenced by how you wish to respond to emergency alerts, your business…

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    How much does it cost for lone worker protection

    This guide explains how costs for lone worker protection depends on the technology and functionality you need and the number of lone workers you have.

  • Image of Temperature Forecast overlay in Trackplot Portal.


    New functionality! Environmental mapping

    Launch of comprehensive suite of real-time environmental maps to help you assess the risks of weather conditions and environmental hazards.

  • Image of lone working architect on site.


    Lone working examples

    This article gives examples of the types of lone workers to be found in industry to help you identify lone workers in your organisation.

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    Lone Worker Checklist

    As a lone worker you have a duty of care to yourself and to others who may be affected by the work you do. Here’s a handy Lone Worker Checklist…

  • Image of HSE report Workplace fatal injuries in Great Britain on tablet computer


    HSE annual workplace fatalities report released

    Health & Safety Executive (HSE) have released their annual fatalities report showing that there were 123 workplace fatalities in 2021-22. 73% of fatal injuries occurred across four industry groups: Construction;…

  • Image of lone working site inspector.


    Our top 3 precautionary measures to mitigate risks for your lone workers

    Here are our top 3 precautionary measures you can take within your organisation to ensure that your lone workers return home safe and well each day.

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    The top 4 risks of lone working

    As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic you are probably faced with managing more lone workers than ever before and more than likely this is a permanent change in your…

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    The Suzy Lamplugh Trust – Partnership

    The Suzy Lamplugh Trust is the UK’s pioneering personal safety charity and leading stalking authority, established in 1986, following the disappearance of 25-year-old Suzy Lamplugh, an estate agent and lone…

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