HSE annual workplace fatalities report released

Health & Safety Executive (HSE) have released their annual fatalities report showing that there were 123 workplace fatalities in 2021-22. 73% of fatal injuries occurred across four industry groups: Construction; Agriculture, forestry and fishing; Manufacturing and Transportation and storage.

July 15, 2022
Image of HSE report Workplace fatal injuries in Great Britain 2022

123 workplace fatalities in 2021-22

The HSE’s annual fatalities report reveals that there is a similar profile of deaths in 2021-22 as seen in previous years – around a quarter of fatal injuries were in the Construction sector (30 deaths), with a further 18% in both the Agriculture, forestry and fishing sector and the Manufacturing sector (22 deaths in each).

Overall there has been a downward trend in the rate of fatal injuries since 1981 to date. The report focuses the mind that safety should always be a priority so collectively we continue to reduce the loss of life. As in previous years, in 2021-22 the most common kinds of fatal accidents to workers were falls from a height, being struck by moving vehicle, and struck by a moving (including flying/falling) object. These incidents accounted for over half of all fatal accidents.

Also worth noting was the fact that 80 members of the public were killed as a result of work-related accidents. Considering the impact of work activities not only on employees, contractors and self-employed but also members of the public should not be forgotten.

How does this impact my lone workers?

There are always greater risks for lone workers because they do not have direct supervision or anyone to help them if things go wrong.

This article highlights the top 4 risks of lone working so you can consider how these should be reflected in your health & safety policies. And here are our top 3 precautionary measures you can take to ensure that your lone workers return home safe and well each day.

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