How to successfully implement Trackplot

We have put together 5 recommendations to consider for you to successfully implement your lone worker solution within your workforce to ensure you protect not only your employees but yourself as an employer.

December 8, 2020

We know from experience from our customers that early user engagement and adoption is vital to achieve a high usage rate of the Trackplot system; which in turn means you have peace of mind and can provide essential help when it is needed. As a result, you maximise your investment in the Trackplot solution.

We have put together 5 recommendations to consider for you to successfully implement your lone worker solution within your workforce to ensure you protect not only your employees but yourself as an employer.

1. Encourage open communication

We recommend as an employer you discuss the reasons as to why you are looking to invest in our lone worker solution with your employees. It is important for everyone to understand the need in complying with the health and safety regulations and what the impacts would be to both the employees and the business should they not be followed. Employees should know exactly what is expected of them when it comes to the health and safety policies within your organisation.

By creating open communication and involving your employees from the start, they will understand the need to implement a lone worker monitoring solution, as it to keep them safe while they work. However, it is important to appreciate that each member of your workforce may have unique concerns and you will have to make it clear that you will listen to them and help address the issues they have so that your lone worker solution gets full team support.

2. Review your risk assessments

It is worth reviewing your current risks assessments, liaising with each of your lone workers, to make sure that all their risks are covered. This is particularly important if you have not undertaken a review since the COVID pandemic arose, as it has provided its own set of risks that need to be assessed.

In addition, you can work with your lone workers, drawing upon their previous experiences, to contribute to the continued development of your health and safety policies and procedures. Gathering these insights will enable you to reduce risks by creating practical, robust health and safety protocols.

3. Provide effective training

For a lone worker monitoring solution to work effectively it is essential that staff understand the purpose of the system – that it is to keep them safe – AND that they know how to use it. If your workforce does not know how to use the lone worker solutions, then they will not use it. We recommend investing time into training and choosing training packages to ensure that everyone who is involved in the system can use it effectively.

Training and developing employees to correctly carry out their job can help improve productivity, morale and even their quality of work. This also allows an employee to feel valued and empowered to perform their jobs.

Good training ensures everyone is confident in using the system, the various devices and it helps embed the new system into daily routines. The benefits of training are a full and speedy adoption of the system across your organisation, bringing you peace of mind your lone workers are safe.

4. To supervise usage

Your portal will allow you to monitor the use of the lone worker devices, which will allow you to see how much they are being used, and if there are any patterns you need to take note of. By analysing the portal, you will be able to make targeted improvements to how your workforce is using the apps and devices.

If there are any issues you will be able to get these bottomed out and make sure that the areas of concern are fully addressed early on.

5. Be patient

This is a learning process, people learn in different ways and at different rates. It may take time for everyone to be confident in using the system; this applies to both Users and Portal Administrators alike. We know from other customers that it will bed in and soon becomes a habit.

As you become more familiar using the system you may identify settings you wish to change, this is normal and we are here to help.

Trackplot’s customer support

We understand the importance of making sure that both you and your lone workers are receiving the best results from your lone worker solution and at Trackplot we are here to help you achieve this.

Our training packages, for your lone workers, your Portal Administrators and those responsible for Health & Safety, help embed the new system into daily routines. Good training ensures that everyone understands the purpose of the system and that they are confident in using it.

You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager to help with any questions you or your lone workers may have. Your Account Manager will pro-actively arrange regular account reviews to discuss account activity, training requirements, new enhancements and establish your requirements for the year ahead.

Our dedicated, skilled support team is on hand to handle all queries, however simple or complex, from your lone workers, your managers, and your Portal Administrators. We strive to deliver truly outstanding customer service every day because lives depend on it.

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