Top 5 reasons to choose Trackplot

We know it can be difficult to understand the differences between the various lone worker solutions on the market and what they offer. To help your decision making here are our top 5 reasons why you would consider Trackplot for your lone worker solution.

October 14, 2020

1. A solution developed specifically for outdoor lone workers

Our purpose at Trackplot is to help lone workers operating in isolated, rural or hazardous locations to keep safe. During our 11 years of operation we have developed a reputation as experts in outdoor lone worker safety. We support a range of lone workers across many sectors including forestry, estate and land management, rural local authorities and quarrying. To keep abreast of news and hot topics we are members of trade bodies including BASC, FISAFCA and CONFOR, to enable us to fully understand your business and your sector so you can be compliant with health and safety legislation.

Critical to Trackplot’s approach is a focus on putting lone workers first. In every business lone workers face different risks and we use your risks assessments to recommend the best solution for you.

2. Options to suit your requirements

The Trackplot system is a complete lone worker monitoring solution comprising the Trackplot Portal, a web-based interactive platform, which integrates with the latest GPS devices, Trackplot MobileApp, Ordnance Survey mapping and satellite communication technology. We have 2 options, Trackplot World and Trackplot Mobile, and we will help you choose the best package for your lone worker needs.

We recommend Trackplot World for those who work in locations with little or no mobile phone reception, as this solution works using GPS satellites and devices rather than the mobile phone network. Trackplot Mobile is for those who have a reliable mobile phone reception across the locations they work in. And of course you can operate a mix of the two across your range of lone workers.

We understand the importance of autonomy and confidentiality to our customers, once deployed, you have full control to manage your system in-house.

3. The Trackplot Portal

The Trackplot Portal is a unique web-based interface that is at the heart of the Trackplot lone worker solution. It is the command and control centre where you monitor the location, activity and safety of your workforce in real time.

It is in the Portal where you can set up your processes and escalation procedures. You have the ability to customise your solution to suit your lone working needs, for example, you can set up groups to manage different lone worker types or specific check-in schedules to reflect your working hours. You have the autonomy to set up and change these settings as your needs change. Our system offers different methods for lone workers to communicate including GPS device, mobile app, text message, landline and via the Portal using your computer, laptop, or tablet.

A key feature, in the event that a lone worker is incapacitated or unconscious, the Trackplot Portal has an automatic escalation procedure built in so an alert is still raised.

We have applied years of experience in GPS technology, mapping and software development to build this interactive platform and we apply our in-depth understanding of the needs of the various lone workers using our system to inform product improvements.

4. A robust system of notifications and alerts

Integral to Trackplot is a series of notifications and alerts which enable you to monitor your lone workers and if they need help you can see they have raised an alarm. Your lone workers use one of the many methods to ‘check-in’ at regular intervals and ‘check-out’ at the end of the day, so you know they are safe during their working day.

If a lone worker is late to check-in and enters the ‘overdue’ state they can advise they are OK. If a lone worker misses their agreed check in time this is escalated, following an agreed procedure, to ensure they are found as soon as possible.

There are 2 emergency functions included in the Trackplot solution: ‘Assist’ and ‘SOS’. The ‘Assist’ feature is for non-medical emergencies such as a car break down, and the ‘SOS’ feature is strictly for medical emergencies only. To read about Trackplot’s rapid response rate to our first real SOS in October 2019 click here for the case study.

5. Speedy implementation and responsive customer support

Providing superb customer service is one of our key benefits so you maximise your investment in the Trackplot solution. We have developed a 4-step customer service programme to ensure you are supported every step of the way. Through this programme we help you deploy your system so you and your lone workers are up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our responsive customer support team works with you to develop an implementation plan and manage the roll out with you. This comprehensive process begins straight away as soon as you become a Trackplot customer.

Our training packages, for both your lone workers, your Portal Administrators and those responsible for Health & Safety, help embed the new system into daily routines. Good training ensures that everyone understands the purpose of the system and that they are confident in using it. We know from experience that early user engagement and speedy adoption across your organisation is vital to achieve a high usage rate of the system, which in turn gives you peace of mind that your lone workers are safe.

You will be assigned an account manager to regularly review your account and establish future requirements. This is important to building trust and confidence in each other.

Customer and technical support from our dedicated, skilled support team is on hand to handle all queries, however simple or complex, from your lone workers, your managers and your Portal Administrators. We strive to deliver truly outstanding customer service every day because lives depend on it.

In summary: Trackplot is the lone worker solution developed specifically for outdoor lone workers. Let us help you ensure your lone workers come home safely from work each day.

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