Trackplot World is our flagship product used by outdoor lone workers working in remote, isolated and hazardous regions around the UK. Our satellite based solution, which does not need mobile phone reception to work. It uses the latest GPS Devices and the Global Positioning System (GPS), which is a satellite-based navigation system, to locate the position of each of your lone workers (latitude and longitude coordinates) and plot their location in the Trackplot Portal using Ordnance Survey mapping.

In other words, it’s proven and it’s accurate, you can locate lone workers easily, especially in an SOS emergency situation. It works across the whole of the UK and beyond including all remote areas.

How it works

Integral to Trackplot is a system of notifications, a check-in and check-out facility and alerts. The Trackplot Portal has an automatic escalation procedure which, in the event that the lone worker is incapacitated, allows the alarm still to be raised.

How does Trackplot World find me?

Trackplot World uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate your position. Trackplot World uses low orbiting satellite communication to transmit messages and this system covers 85% of the world and covers all remote areas in the UK.

The Trackplot Portal integrates with a range of GPS devices to ensure constant monitoring and to allow lone workers to Check-in and raise an alert when necessary.


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