Trackplot options to suit your lone worker requirements

Trackplot is designed specifically for people who work outdoors, particularly those working in remote,
isolated or hazardous areas. We offer 2 options and can advise on the best solution to suit the needs
of your lone workers.

OPTION 1: Trackplot World – stay safe wherever you are

Our most popular option is Trackplot World, our satellite based solution, which does not need mobile phone reception to work. It uses the latest GPS Devices and the Global Positioning System (GPS), which is a satellite-based navigation system, to locate the position of each of your lone workers (latitude and longitude coordinates) and plot their location in the Trackplot Portal using Ordnance Survey mapping.

In other words, it’s proven and it’s accurate, you can locate lone workers easily, especially in an SOS emergency situation. It works across the whole of the UK and beyond including all remote areas.

The Trackplot World option comes with the Trackplot Mobile App as standard (available on Android and iPhone). Our Mobile App complements the GPS Device as it can be used when lone workers have mobile phone reception. This flexibility allows for the GPS Device to be used when you are lone working in a remote area and have no mobile phone coverage, and for convenience, you can switch to using the Mobile app when you have reliable mobile signal.


OPTION 2: Trackplot Mobile – simple and secure

Trackplot Mobile is our simpler solution. It allows quick and easy communication for your lone workers, particularly those working indoors including home workers. It works across the UK where there is reliable mobile phone reception.

It enables you to utilise a single device for all your communication – you can download the Trackplot App onto your existing smartphone to keep in touch. It is simple to use and enables your lone workers to Check-in and Check-out during the course of their working day. For lone workers with a standard mobile phone (non-smartphone) the user can use text messaging instructions to keep in touch.

How do I choose the correct solution for me?



We can advise on the best solution for you. We will review the types of lone workers you have, where they work, the tasks they undertake and which time of day they operate – this assessment will allow us to make a recommendation to you. Have a read of our FAQs to find out more information on the commonly asked questions.

Get in touch today to discuss the best Trackplot solution for your business email us at or call 0131 513 9571