Mitigating against hazardous working in the utility sector

Utility companies by nature have lone workers out in the field on a daily basis, checking powerlines and vegetation, undertaking planned and emergency repairs under time pressures and often working against the elements. Lone workers are typically working in isolated and hostile environments, often undertaking hazardous tasks.

The Trackplot Portal is a genuine and complete lone worker monitoring system to help you keep your lone workers safe and to keep the business fully compliant to avoid prosecution and fines. Trackplot can also be used to locate, schedule and monitor progress of tasks across your lone worker team, planning work schedules and routes, to ensure the most effective use of everyone’s time. This will bring cost, operational and management efficiencies to your business.

The Trackplot Portal is adaptable, so you can fully integrate your health and safety policies and lone worker procedures. It is scaleable for use across any size of business.

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