Trackplot, member of NFUS, FISA and BMR, can help minimise risk in the agricultural industry

Agriculture is one of the most dangerous industries in the UK, with HSE reporting that over the past 10 years nearly 1 person a week has been killed as a direct result of an agricultural work activity.

Farmers and farm workers often work alone and are exposed to risks from potentially dangerous machinery, chemicals, livestock, pits and silos. These risks extend to family members working or living at the farm too. Combined with a “can do” culture on farms, this sometimes results in people taking shortcuts and risks which increases the rate of accidents.

Working in agriculture, you probably also have responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of different workers and contractors, including temporary and seasonal workers, at different times throughout the year.

We view strategic partnerships with leading authoritative bodies as a valuable way to reach out to employers and workers to raise awareness of the risks of working alone. Our membership of NFUS, BMR and FISA are key to achieving this, to improve working conditions and safety across the agricultural sector.

Trackplot is a genuine and complete lone worker monitoring system and can help mitigate against these industry risks. We would be delighted to discuss how to keep your lone workers healthy and safe.

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