How the Trackplot Portal works

The Trackplot Portal is the control and command centre at the heart of the Trackplot lone worker monitoring solution. In the Portal you monitor the location, activity and safety of your workforce in real time throughout the day; set up processes and escalation procedures; and reporting. We have applied over 50 years experience in GPS technology, mapping and software development to design this unique online interactive platform.

How you use the system

Your lone workers uses one of the many methods to check-in at regular intervals and check-out at the end of their working day. Once checked-in, each lone worker is constantly monitored to ensure they are safe. If a lone worker is running late and overdue they can advise they are OK. If a lone worker misses an agreed check-in time then this is escalated, following an agreed procedure, to ensure the lone worker is found as soon as possible.

In an emergency, even in remote regions, a lone worker is able to raise an alert using the GPS device to rapidly locate their position. It does NOT need mobile phone reception to work. To read how Trackplot can work in real time, then click here to read our SOS case study.

Easy to use

  • 24/7 access to the portal
  • Scaleable to fit the number of lone workers you have
  • Email and telephone support during office hours
  • Preconfigured and ready to go GPS device, so you don’t have to worry about setting anything up, we do it for you
  • Convenient with many ways to keep in touch

…we make it simple for you.

If you’d like to find out more about the Trackplot Portal call us on 0131 513 9751