The Trackplot Mobile App is a simple way for lone workers to keep in touch. It works across the UK where there is reliable mobile phone reception. It can be downloaded to both iPhone and Android devices.

The Mobile App can be purchased as a stand-alone product, which is suitable for lone workers who know they always have reliable mobile phone coverage. The Mobile App is included as part of the Trackplot World package, which is the preferred option for remote and outdoor lone workers that do not have reliable mobile phone reception.


How does Trackplot Mobile find me?

Trackplot Mobile works using the mobile phone network – it uses GPS to determine where you are located, and your position is sent to the Portal.

Trackplot Mobile App features

  • Quick to install

Easy to download and ready for immediate use.

  • Simple status screen

Users can view and update their current status throughout the day, to see if they are ‘Checked in’ or ‘Checked out’, and confirm that their status message has been received in the Trackplot Portal.

  • Easy layout

Obvious, clearly displayed buttons which are simple for lone workers to use.

  • Assist’ feature

The Assist button enables users to request help in a non-emergency situation such as a broken down vehicle or flat tyre. The user’s position is recorded and a message sent to the user’s contacts  to notify them that assistance is needed.

  • GPS signal strength

The Mobile App allows users to check the strength of their GPS signal and if it is weak they can revert to using their GPS Device to Check-In and Check-Out, request Assistance and raise the SOS alarm if needed.

  • Customisable features

The Trackplot Mobile App has the flexibility for customised buttons to aid your lone worker task activity. Talk to us to find out more.


Do your lone workers suffer from unreliable mobile phone coverage? Find out more about Trackplot World

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