Assessing the different lone worker monitoring systems available and choosing the right one for your business is not an easy task. To help make this easier for you we’ve developed these resources which you may find useful:

To find out how we can help mitigate your outdoor lone worker risks then please watch our video
and click the link below to read the main risks you need to consider as an employer.

Risks to outdoor lone workers

To appreciate why you need a lone worker monitoring solution you must understand all the risks facing your outdoor lone workers whilst they are working. We have identified 3 key points for you to consider and mitigate against to keep your lone workers safe.

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We have compiled answers to the frequently asked questions that we have been asked over the years… ranging from ‘What is a lone worker?’, “How does GPS work?” to ‘Why choose Trackplot for my lone workers?’ to give you an insight into the basics as well as explaining specific benefits of our system.

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A guide to choosing the right solution

This article takes you through the main points to consider when comparing the various lone worker monitoring solutions available on the market. We understand that it can be confusing: our step by step guide discusses the different types of lone workers, the health and safety regulations, the different technologies, functions and packages, so that you choose a solution that fits your business needs.

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