Do you or your staff work alone without a colleague? Then Trackplot is for you.

Trackplot offer 2 options, Trackplot World and Trackplot Mobile App, and we can advise on the best solution to suit the needs of your lone workers.

Complete lone worker monitoring solution

Trackplot is the preferred lone worker solution designed for people who work outdoors. It allows people who work alone to keep in touch wherever they are. This is especially important for people who work in rural and isolated areas.

No need for mobile phone reception

Specifically designed to keep remote lone workers safe, this satellite based system offers a range of different communication methods and does not need mobile phone reception to work.

Robust and reliable

Integral to Trackplot is a system of notifications, a check-in and check-out facility and alerts. The Trackplot Portal has an automatic escalation procedure which, in the event that the lone worker is incapacitated, allows the alarm still to be raised.

Multiple ways to keep in touch

Different methods to check-in and check-out including GPS device, landline, text message, computer, laptop or tablet using the Trackplot Portal or mobile app (android, iphone, windows).

Improved management of lone workers

As a genuine and complete lone worker monitoring system Trackplot can be used to locate, schedule and monitor progress of tasks across your lone worker team, bringing cost, operational and management efficiencies to your business.

Proven technology

Our proven technology, used by major players in forestry, estate management, utilities and local authorities across Scotland, is robust and reliable, essential if you have lone workers working remotely in harsh, isolated or hazardous conditions. The technology and the monitoring process have been carefully thought through based on years of experience.

Comply with the law

Employers have responsibility for the health, safety and welfare at work of all of their employees. This includes self employed people and contractors who may be affected by work activities. Trackplot will help you to comply with the law, improving working conditions and safety immediately.

Ensuring your lone workers come home safe and well each day

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