Update on SPOT Gen3 SOS function incidents on social media

Posted by on Mar 29, 2019 in GPS Devices, News

We are aware that there have recently been two reported incidents on social media regarding the SOS function on SPOT Gen3 units not working.

SPOT confirmed they have taken these incidents very seriously and will be conducting a full assessment on one of the devices. The second device had been previously deactivated at the customer’s request and therefore was not able to be used at the time of the incident.

We can confirm at Trackplot we test every single device including the Assist button before we issue devices to customers. We are in discussion with SPOT as to how we can test the SOS function on each device without triggering the emergency services and we will update your Company Administrator on this process.

Response from SPOT

“SPOT products are used daily to initiate emergency communications, many resulting in life-saving rescues. Over the past 10 years, SPOT devices have initiated over 6,000 rescues worldwide. We have hundreds of thousands of subscribers that depend on SPOT service and they can rest assured that it remains as reliable as ever.”

Trackplot Customer Support

If you have any reason for concern please contact our Customer Support at support@trackplot.com .