Why is Trackplot different?

Posted by on May 27, 2020 in News

Our purpose at Trackplot is to help lone workers operating in isolated, remote locations to keep safe. We have designed our solution specifically for outdoor lone workers, who are typically exposed to environmental hazards, enabling them to keep in touch wherever they are. The system does not need mobile phone reception to work. Combining our robust and reliable satellite-based technology with different methods to keep in touch, the system provides peace of mind to both employees and employers.

Experts in outdoor lone worker safety

During Trackplot’s 11 years, we have developed a reputation as specialists in the outdoor lone worker safety market. We operate across the UK and support customers across forestry, land and estate management, utilities, infrastructure and local authorities. The lone workers we support range from timber harvesters, haulage companies, bridge inspectors, gamekeepers to quarry operators. To keep up to date with the sectors in which our customers operate we are members of numerous trade bodies including FISA, BASC, FCA and Confor.

The Trackplot team understand the inherent dangers of lone working in hostile environments, indeed Trackplot’s founder, Gert Riemersma, worked remotely offshore in the oil and gas sector for many years and Trackplot is based on this experience and knowledge.

Trackplot Portal

The Trackplot Portal is the control and command centre at the heart of the Trackplot lone worker monitoring solution. In the Portal you monitor the location, activity and safety of your workforce in real time throughout the day; set up processes and escalation procedures; and reporting. We have applied over 50 years experience in GPS technology, mapping and software development to design this unique online interactive platform.

Integral to Trackplot is a system of notifications, a check-in and check-out facility and alerts. The Trackplot Portal has an automatic escalation procedure which, in the event that the lone worker is incapacitated, allows the alarm still to be raised.

We utilise Ordnance Survey mapping to ensure the locations of your lone workers are accurately captured – this enables any rescue or emergency to be deployed quickly and with confidence.

Multiple ways to keep in touch

Ease of use is vital. Our system offers different methods for lone workers to communicate including GPS Device, Mobile App, text message, landline or via the Trackplot Portal using a computer, laptop or tablet.


Once deployed your system will be managed in-house by you; you will be in control of how it works for the business. No third parties are involved. We know our customers value this autonomy and confidentiality.

Different packages to suit your needs

OPTION 1: Trackplot World

Our most popular option is Trackplot World, our satellite based solution, which does not need mobile phone reception to work. It uses the latest GPS Devices and the Global Positioning System (GPS), which is a satellite-based navigation system, to locate the position of each of your lone workers (latitude and longitude coordinates) and plot their location in the Trackplot Portal using Ordnance Survey mapping.

In other words, it’s proven and it’s accurate, you can locate lone workers easily, especially in an SOS emergency situation. It works across the whole of the UK and beyond including all remote areas.

The Trackplot World option comes with the Trackplot Mobile App as standard (available on Android and iPhone). Our Mobile App complements the G

PS Device as it can be used when lone workers have mobile phone reception. This flexibility allows for the GPS Device to be used when you are lone working in a remote area and have no mobile phone coverage, and for convenience, you can switch to using the Mobile app when you have reliable mobile signal.


OPTION 2: Trackplot Mobile

Trackplot Mobile is our simpler solution. It allows quick and easy communication for your lone workers, particularly those working indoors including home workers. It works across the UK where there is reliable mobile phone reception.

It enables you to utilise a single device for all your communication – you can download the Trackplot App onto your existing smartphone to keep in touch. It is simple to use and enables your lone workers to Check-in and Check-out during the course of their working day. For lone workers with a standard mobile phone (non-smartphone) the user can use text messaging instructions to keep in touch.



Our solution can be tailored to suit your needs, for example:

Customise to your lone working schedule We work with you to design and implement notification procedures to suit your lone working patterns; and we can manage the transfer of any existing GPS devices you own.
Groups Depending upon Customer requirements specific Groups can be set up which can be work activity or department related. Groups are useful if you have a large number of lone workers and / or they are very different in the work they do or the hours they work. Groups can make lone worker monitoring more manageable and enables you to allocate relevant direct line reports.
Portal settings To enable the smooth-running of your lone worker solution the “Out of office” option takes into account holidays and leave absence of Contacts.


We provide comprehensive Portal Administrator and User training to ensure you maximise your investment in the Trackplot lone worker monitoring solution. From experience we have found it is vital that all staff are properly trained to enable a full and speedy adoption of the system across the customer organisation. We support this with training documentation accessible through the Trackplot Portal and, of course, for any specific problems our customer support team is available to help.

Customer support

We have a dedicated customer support so we are responsive and accountable to you. We strive to deliver truly outstanding customer service every day because lives depend on it. We are honest, sincere, decent and fair. We act with integrity, doing what is right and we do not cut corners ethically.

We speak plainly and truthfully to earn trust and maintain confidence. We know that continuity of relationship management is instrumental to building trust.

Continuous development

Listening to our customers and putting you first is important. We actively encourage customer feedback and ideas so we make improvements that really matter and make a difference.

Trackplot Ltd are certified with the Cyber Essentials Plus Scheme, which means we have been independently verified. This UK government scheme encourages businesses to adhere to best-practices in IT security. It confirms we have cyber security measures in place, protecting our service and data from cyber attack.


If you would like to find out any more on how the Trackplot solution can work for you then please email sales@trackplot.com or call 0131 513 9571