Trackplot support new SPOT GEN4 model

Posted by on Nov 10, 2020 in News

SPOT’s latest GPS device, the SPOT GEN4, which is the upgrade from the SPOT GEN3 has recently been launched on the market and is now part of the Trackplot World package. We tested the new GEN4 device and here is our assessment of the changes and improvements.

The upgraded device provides the same features as its’ predecessor plus subtle updates to both software and it’s appearance to enable ease of use.



Improved waterproofing

The main difference is that the USB connector is now inside the battery case of the unit. This brings additional waterproofness and the GEN4 has achieved IP68 waterproof standard as a result (instead of IP67 of the GEN3). IP68 means your device now has 30 minutes of water protection at up to 2 metres.

Improved LED lighting

The unit has improved LED lighting so it is easier to view the functions in direct sunlight.

Improved usability

The screws on the back of the device are improved so you can unscrew the back to replace the batteries or access the USB connect (to upgrade the firmware) without the batteries falling out.

Although the physical appearance of the GEN4 has changed all the buttons and features are located in the same places as on the SPOT GEN3. The sides now have a rubber grip and the caps over the buttons are magnetic and fall directly back into place when released. The Assist and SOS buttons are also improved and have a more solid feel.


Technical specification of SPOT Gen4

Waterproof IP68
Robust Rugged design developed for outdoor use.
Lightweight 142g
Durability Mil-Spec
Battery type Lithium OR Rechargeable batteries
Long battery life Approx 408 hours of use based on Energizer Lithium batters and using default mode.


The SPOT GEN4, like earlier versions, continues to deliver. It is robust, reliable and easy to use. Here at Trackplot we have been operating with SPOT GPS Devices for over ten years and the GEN4 is a solid device which we endorse. If you wish to purchase a Trackplot World subscription this is now our GPS device of choice for all Trackplot customers.

If you have any questions on the SPOT GEN4 or are looking to find out more information on Trackplot then please call us on 0131 513 9571 or email at