Row the Danube team make headway despite floods

Posted by on Jun 14, 2013 in News

Despite several setbacks, with delays due to flooding, the Row the Danube team have made fantastic progress since their challenge launched on 12 June.

Last week the flooding on the Danube was so severe, the worst in decades with record levels reached, that the team had to delay their start by 9 days. Hungary declared a state of emergency due to the flood devastation with dams bursting, whole cities awash and thousands of people evacuated.

Trackplot used their mapping skills to provide daily flood maps, showing the water levels at points along the Danube and indicating whether the water was receding or still rising. At Ulm in Germany, the planned launch location, the closed locks and flooding made it impossible to start. Stranded, the team enjoyed the best of German hospitality and made front page news with the headline “Those crazy British”.

Using flood map information the Row the Danube team decided to move their launch further down river to Passau in Austria, which enabled them to bypass the closed locks and their rowing journey started in earnest on Wednesday.

Since launching the team have been using their Trackplot GPS device and from the Trackplot map we can see they have already covered 133 kilometres and 4 locks on their first day. This is an excellent start to their delayed journey and we wish them all the best as they continue downstream.

You can follow the progress of the Row the Danube team in real time as they knock miles off their challenge.