Rosie – Looking on the bright side

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By Rosie Brown, Trackplot Sales and Marketing Coordinator

As the saying goes ‘you don’t know what you had until its gone’ feels even more relevant now, I have been craving all my day to day activities back. However, with more time to reflect, I have realised that there are some positives to come out of lock-down.

Reflecting on the positives

  1. The days can be so fast, and I am guilty of wanting to reach everything in the quickest possible time (I am always clicking for next day delivery). The lock-down and being indoors has made me appreciate that you can slow down and enjoy some of the peace and calm and next day deliveries can wait a little longer.


Adapting to the new office

  1. Our ability to adapt to situations out with the ordinary has showed to me how everyone is able to get on and make the best of difficult times. We have all changed our routines but kept on going.


  1. At the weekend I found out my next door neighbour has been volunteering at a food bank for those who are unable to leave the house, so any extras that we have had lying about have been passed across to help out. The feeling of we are all in together seems to be ringing true right now.


  1. I am extremely close to my family, weekends have also been about going to football games with my dad and brother and have been some of the best memories. Not having that going on right now has showed me how important that time really is.

New speciality



  1. Over the past week I think my friends and I have been there for each other even more than usual. We have checked in with each other daily, shared funny stories and turned Thursday nights into our online pub quiz night, all of which has kept me going.


  1. Something I didn’t think I would ever say is that I am now enjoying cooking. I have always been an oven food type of person. My limited cooking skills have been tested but so far I haven’t had any disasters.


  1. I love to exercise; the gym has always been a bit of a happy place. With not having access to the gym I thought I was going to struggle but in the last week I have found a real love for running. Going out in the morning before work has allowed me to focus my mind for the day.

Quiet morning runs


  1. I have learnt it is important to appreciate the small things. A month ago, it was so easy to pop to the shops when needed or meet your friends for a few drinks. When we return to our normalities, I will be taking this with me, knowing that the small parts of life need to be enjoyed a lot more.


  1. I am always saying that I need to put more into my savings and by the middle of the month I am transferring it back out again. Without having any temptations to make me spend I am seeing the extra pounds stay in my savings… let’s just hope I can keep it up when this comes to an end!


  1. Lastly, I would like to give a massive shout out to my mum. She is a nurse, without her and all the NHS staff we wouldn’t know what to do. I have admired her on how she has been able to keep going through this. She really is a hero for all her hard work and managing to stay upbeat and carry on.

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So now it is your turn, what are the 10 positives you can find from your past week…?