Trackplot’s Magazine Feature’s 2019

Posted by on Feb 17, 2020 in News

In the latter half of 2019 Trackplot featured in two well known forestry trade magazines: The Forestry Journal and Forest Machinery Magazine. The articles highlight the vital importance in the forestry industry for protecting those who work alone and advocate the use of Trackplot’s lone worker monitoring system.

Each article describes in detail the benefits of using our system, particularly for lone workers who work in areas without mobile signal:

“The forestry industry is one of the UK’s most dangerous sectors in which to work. This is especially true for lone remote workers…. The company [Trackplot] is committed to improving safety across the industry, developing its technology in ways that allow it to be applied in new areas, providing protection to a wider variety of lone workers”

Forestry Journal, pages 62-63

“…I realised that Trackplot had come up with a good system that was not solely dependent on mobile networks, and was both efficient and affordable for all forestry contractors/ workers…This lifesaving solution has been designed for people who work outdoors. It allows people who work alone to keep in touch wherever they are”

Forest Machine Magazine, page 87

The Forestry Journal article focuses on safety, stating the dangerous nature of forestry work and the need to minimise risks. The author explains the flexibility of the system, the checking in and out process, notifications and the escalation procedures that would be used in the event of an incident:

“Once checked in each lone worker is constantly monitored to ensure they are safe…In an emergency even in remote regions, a lone worker is able to raise an alert using the GPS device to rapidly locate their position”

In the Forest Machine Magazine Rab Easton, the author, recognises that despite the advances in technology over the years mobile phone networks can’t be solely relied upon. The article explains how Trackplot’s satellite based system offers an effective, dependable alternative which is easy to use and lone workers can switch to the Trackplot Mobile App when they do have reliable mobile coverage.

“The system [ Trackplot] offers a range for communication methods and does not need mobile phone reception to work…users can check in and out using either the GPS device, landline, text message, computer, laptop or tablet…users appreciate this flexibility to choose the best way to keep in touch.”

The features confirm that Trackplot puts safety first and our continued technical developments allow us to achieve this. To read the editorial features in full, click here for the PDF for Forest Machine  PDF for Forestry Journal 

To find out more about how Trackplot can keep your lone workers safe contact or call 0131 513 9571.