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Posted by on Feb 11, 2020 in News

 Deer stalking safely

Audrey Watson, Deer Officer at BASC (The British Association for Shooting and Conservation) trialled the Trackplot lone worker monitoring solution on a deer stalking scheme on the Isle of Arran recently. Audrey’s findings are published in the latest issue of the BASC magazine.

The article explains the system’s features, the Trackplot Portal, GPS Devices and Mobile App, and it’s advantages including how Audrey could track her movements in the forest in real time.

It is a complete lone worker monitoring system, combining satellite and GPS technology, mapping software and customer support process. The [Trackplot] system offers a range of different communication methods… This is especially important for people in rural and isolated areas where mobile phone reception is temperamental or completely absent.”

Describing in detail how to use the system in practice, Audrey demonstrates how to use the ‘Check- In’ and ‘Check- Out’ functions each day and references the ‘Assist’ and ‘SOS’ functions and when they would be required. The editorial concludes:

I found the [Trackplot] system easy to use and was reassured that people knew where I was at all times…. Yes, it costs to use it but that is a small price to pay for your own safety and that of lone workers of all types.”

As a BASC member, we understand the importance of keeping those working in forestry and estate management safe. We believe our robust lone worker monitoring solution gives employers, contractors and staff peace of mind. We welcome this positive review which confirms how successfully the Trackplot system works.

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