4 key takeaways from the FISA Safety Summit

Posted by on Apr 9, 2019 in News

The Trackplot team recently attended FISA‘s Forest Industry Safety Summit. The summit examined safety leadership, behavioural changes and the HSE inspection programme. Today we report on the key takeaways from the event that we should consider:

Safety is a human right

Alastair Sandels, Chair of FISA, opened the day with a rousing speech. He discussed the gravity of the industry we work in. Since the formation of FISA in 2012, 10 people have died in forests and woodlands. These people and their families deserve our respect. He urged all the businesses there to put their commercial interests aside and to remember the severity of the situation. It is so essential we remember those who have died or been injured in the supply chain and endeavour to make that number zero.

HSE and the supply chain

Richard Brunt, Head of Operational Strategy at the Health and Safety Executive, discussed the importance of holding people accountable in the supply chain. Every week we hear details of death or injury within the industry, it is important to inspect the cause. What communication broke down? What task wasn’t fulfilled? The Health and Safety Executive, together with tools like Trackplot, is giving workers the power to monitor and track their own safety, Great Britain is leading the way, but we need to keep monitoring risk to mitigate it.

The future of forestry

As of April 2019, forestry will become a totally devolved issue. As Maria Guogeon, Minister of Rural Affairs at the Scottish parliament highlighted Scotland has a robust 100-year foundation in forestry and a bright future ahead. Currently, around 80,000 people across Britain are employed in forestry. By embracing innovation, change and collaboration, Scotland can become a world leader.

Selling forest safety

Landowners sometimes struggle to understand forestry and the issues related to safety. As Jim Colchester, Head of Forestry at Buccleuch Estates explained that these cases, and others, a precedent must be set that places safety at the forefront. Even in the case when agents are in charge, they can often prioritise the client’s interests over the safety of individuals. It is in these cases where the industry must set ethics. We need to give workers the power to attend sites and ask for evidence of monitoring.

Trackplot welcomes all the discussions and challenges related to the issues discussed at the summit. As the lone worker solution of choice in the forestry industry, we are focused on supporting the sector to enable growth. To find out more about how we can help your growing business contact Andrew Miller at sales@trackplot.com