East Allenheads Estate

About our customer

East Allenheads Estates comprises of three estates (East Allenhead, Muggleswick and Stublick) spread out over a large geographical area in the picturesque county of Northumberland. East Allenheads and Mugglewick Estates are two of the most prestigious and highly rated grouse shooting estates in the UK.

Along with the many accolades that the estates have received for shoots and their unparalleled hosting, the team lead by Steve Colmer are committed to responsible land management. When the shooting season is finished the gamekeepers spend their time managing the land to ensure the sustainable population of birds and conserve the land. It is for this reason that Steve and the owners wanted to ensure the safety of their highly skilled team.

The business critical issue

The East Allenhead Estates team place great importance on the Health and Safety of their employees. Therefore Trackplot’s solution was recommended as it could ensure lone worker safety, even in the absence of phone signal.
The team needed a solution that would monitor workers that were spread out across large areas. The system also had to allow workers to raise the alarm for assistance in non-medical and medical emergencies. The team were also looking for a system they could monitor internally.

How Trackplot helped

Trackplot visited the Estates and carefully considered the team’s requirements. The technology was then catered to meet the needs of the team. The technology allowed the staff to see the whereabouts of other contractors and notifications to be sent to particular management team members for escalation.

“The Trackplot system allows a catered approach to lone worker monitoring. The system allows workers to raise an alarm should they find themselves in difficulty and monitor the whereabouts of colleagues. I look forward to using Trackplot technology in the future.”

Clare Horton, Estate Manager, East Allenheads Estate

Moray Estates

About our customer

Moray Estates are geographically spread, with main sites in the Inner Moray Firth from Inverness to Elgin and also in south-west Perthshire near Stirling. Their main business activities are forestry, farming, renewable energy and property lettings.

The business critical issue

The two estates, approximately 150 miles apart, represented a challenge for lone worker monitoring.
Staff are often working during ‘out of hours’ periods in remote locations. Business activities mean that staff are on site working both during the day and also at night in sometimes high-risk environments. In order to ensure staff safety, the management team were proactive in the pursuit of an efficient solution that would eliminate the need for out of hours check-up calls to staff. It was critical that the proposed solution was user-friendly to accommodate the differing levels of technical literacy.

How Trackplot helped

Trackplot’s lone worker solution allowed for all staff to be grouped by activity and monitored on one centralised system. Each grouping has its own specific notification setup, with notifications going to the appropriate line manager. The Trackplot team catered the solution to each staff member based on location, activity and phone signal. This ensured every member of staff could raise the alarm no matter where they were on site.

Outcomes for Moray Estates

Trackplot’s solution allowed for Moray Estates to receive a customised solution that catered to their wide range of needs. Staff members have expressed their confidence in their ability to raise alarms. All members of staff find the solution user-friendly and reliable. The client operates the system in-house with no need for external parties, such as call centres, and they are now pursuing additional functions of the solution to assist with day-to-day tasks.
Trackplot gives me peace of mind. I am assured our workers over both estates are safe. I am confident that they can raise the alarm no matter where they are and receive the appropriate help promptly. It is not only useful for lone working, but also in reducing the emergency response time in more remote locations.