Gert Riemersma

Technical Director

Educated as a land surveyor and worked in the offshore oil & gas industry for 15 years before starting Mapix technologies, a geospatial engineering company. Gert developed the first version of the Trackplot Portal in 2008 as a project for a blue chip client. The potential of the Portal was soon realised and it was further developed to accommodate the needs of Trackplot’s customers. Gert is now tasked with the ongoing development of the Trackplot Portal and uses his expertise in GPS and geographical information to ensure the latest technological advances are included. As a lone land surveyor and keen mountaineer he has experienced a variety of hostile environments and has many adventurous tales to tell. He now realises that Trackplot would have been very useful to him then to keep in touch and the reassurance of backup not too far away.

How did we start?

Trackplot Ltd was established in 2009 to address the increasing demand for location-based solutions, in particular, lone worker, asset tracking and asset management solutions.

We specialise in the development of advanced web-based mapping technology integrated with the latest GPS devices and satellite communication technology.

With a wealth of experience amongst our staff, we regard ourselves as market leaders in innovation, being providers of high quality and practical location-based solutions.

Our experience

Our industry experience ranges from agriculture, estate management, highway maintenance, local authorities, oil & gas exploration and fisheries.

Between us, we have over 50 years experience in GPS technology and mapping and we have been actively working in this field since these technologies were first used commercially.  We have built up expertise and a massive transfer of knowledge over the years, to identify specific needs and understand how to fulfil them.

Trackplot was awarded the Silver Medal at the Royal Highland Show in 2010 for our innovative Portal. The medal was given in recognition of the security and safety the web Portal can provide to agricultural workers in Scotland. This award has accelerated the company into the mainstream with many big corporations and organisations taking an interest in our services.

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